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My Account
My Project is approved, but the status in the submission portal is „Draft update“?
Screen 1
I filled out the form for non-clinical trial and just realised it’s a clinical trial. Will I lose all my data?
Screen 4 (SNCTP)
Registration in the Swiss National Clinical Trials Portal (SNCTP)
Screen 6 (Main uploads)
Overview of submission documents
Screens 7 to 13 (uploads local ECs)
Screen 14 (Submission Summary)
Submission of signed form (after electronic submission)
I can't submit
I can’t print the PDF file
How to submit information which reveals treatment assignment in a double-blind study (so-called "unblinding information")
Stem cell research applications
Retention period for drafts never submitted
Submission of PW-protected files
Submissions/Updates for old projects (pre-BASEC)
Submissions concerning old multi-centric projects (pre-BASEC)
Technical problems
Upload is not working, Browser jumps to another screen
Entering dates / date picker oddities
File size limits
I get script warnings in Firefox
Internet Explorer 9
Jurisdictional inquiries / general questions
How to submit a jurisdictional inquiry?

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BASEC – Quick start Article rated 1.9/5.0
In order to submit applications for research projects according to the Swiss Human research act of 2014, please use the online portal BASEC. All Swiss Ethics Committees (on research involving humans) ...
How to collaborate on a submission Article rated 3.7/5.0
Collaborating via the submission form (updated Nov. 2017) The submission form allows to invite other people to collaborate on a submission. The project owner manages the rights to access and to contr...
What about checklists for documents? Article rated 2.8/5.0
The old checklist system is replaced by a dynamic list of documents on screen 6 (and screens 7 to 13 in case of multicentric projects). The online submission system automatically derives the needed s...
How to submit amendments, new documents or update fields of a submission? Article rated 4.1/5.0
Update, 4.1.2016 The article below explains the update procedure for projects that were initially submitted through BASEC ( For a first update to projects that were initi...
What do you mean by "research site"? Article rated 2.2/5.0
A site qualifies as a “research site” if it has at least a local investigator who signs the protocol and is responsible for its faithful execution.
Transfer of a project to another account Article rated 3.0/5.0
If you need to hand over a project to a new organisation/person or party, please contact the Ethics Committee the project was submitted to. The EC can transfer your project(s) to the new/other accoun...

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