RoPS (Registry of ongoing Projects in Switzerland)


RoPS (Registry of ongoing Projects in Switzerland) is the new registry of all research projects approved by the ethics committees and ongoing in Switzerland, for the general public.

To promote transparency of the research involving human beings, swissethics had regularly published a PDF list of all ongoing research projects on its webpage.

In line with this endeavor and to help the general public, researchers and institutions to navigate through the vast number of ongoing projects and take advantage of the available data, swissethics is releasing the web-based portal RoPS.

RoPS is a registry of all research projects ongoing in Switzerland. The users can run queries with free texts or by using predefined key terms, use the available filters to sort the lists, print the selections or export lists in .xlsx or .csv format, set display preferences for the data, and more.

The portal can be accessed at or through the link on

More detailed information on clinical trials can be found on the SNCTP (Swiss National Clinical Trials Portal), operated by the FOPH.