Updated Guidance for providers of courses on Research Ethics and GCP: new including GCP Refresher courses


Since 1 January 2014, GCP course providers can have their GCP courses for investigators and sponsor-investigators in Switzerland recognised by swissethics.

Now swissethics has updated the "Guidance for providers of GCP courses on Research Ethics and GCP" to include GCP refresher courses. In addition, specific "Learning Objectives" for GCP Refresher courses will be published.

swissethics recommends that providers of a GCP Refresher course have the course recognised by swissethics. This is optional and for this purpose the document "Application form for GCP refresher courses" must be submitted to swissethics. The costs amount to CHF 500.

The participation of investigators to refresher courses is generally voluntary, but the ethics committees reserve the right to demand the participation of an investigator to a GCP refresher course.

More detailed information can be found in the updated "Guidance for providers of courses on Research Ethics and GCP" and on the website under "Education Training".