In memoriam Professor Dr. med. Peter Meier-Abt


Peter Meier Abt passed away on May 27, 2021. He was a lifelong advocate for medicine in Switzerland and far beyond at universities, at the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, and other institutions. He was president of the cantonal ethics committee Zurich for many years and, since 2012, a board member of the then Working Group of Ethics Committees, now swissethics. With his great commitment and creative energy, he has tirelessly and significantly supported and advanced the harmonization of the cantonal ethics committees.

He has always critically questioned the meaning and value of actions, contributed with great expertise and humanity, and always sought practicable solutions.

swissethics thanks Peter Meier-Abt for being there, for his great humanity and his numerous merits. They will remain unforgotten and will continue to shape healthcare and medical-ethical thinking in Switzerland beyond his death. We look back with gratitude on what we have shared and we are grateful for what he has accomplished. To his family and relatives, swissethics expresses its deepest condolences.