BASEC performance information 

Dear BASEC backend user

we got an increasing number of reports about bad performance in the BASEC-backend.
swissethics requested a technical performance report on Monday and had a call with Optimy about the issue(s).

Last night we added more CPUs to the BASEC server to take out some stress during periods of heavy use.
We are aware that this might not yet be enough to get satisfactory performance for the loading of several form parts like “tasks”, “messaging” and the tables in the “Docs” tab.

Further investigations are underway and we’re in close contact with Optimy to find ways to increase general performance.
Optimy is currently re-writing the whole code base that underlies BASEC. This will bring better performance for all aspects at once, but the release will not happen before Q1/Q2 2018.
We’re also currently looking for any other solution to cover this intermediary period & will keep you updated about any achieved improvement.

For EC secretariats:

The following workarounds might help to improve the situation a bit in the meantime, especially for your EC members, depending on the methods you use for the distribution of the information:

  • if your members usually need the PDF-version of a submission: download it once yourself, upload it to the relevant meeting (or project) and publish the link to this upload in the Agenda or Email for the members. Like this the PDF does not have to be regenerated each time somebody requests it.
  • .zip archive download for projects with a lot of documents can sometimes overload the server and the Email with a link to the archive is delivered only minutes or more after the request. If the member(s) usually only need a small number of documents out of the total, individual downloads of these files through the Docs tab are much faster. 
  • Again: the EC could download a zip archive once, re-upload it to the meeting form and publish the link in the agenda/email: like this the archive would be downloaded immediately when a member clicks on the link.

Please don't hesitate to ask question about all of this and continue to report problems.