Decision letter, new release / submission date for documents
Dear all
Decision letter
On June 30th a new version of the decision letter was released in BASEC.
It's the result of the meetings and discussions of the last weeks & months.
Here's a list of the most important changes:
  • You'll see the name of the student below the title, if it's a project to obtain a degree.
  • If Sponsor = PI, the name of the PI will be repeated.
  • Documents for studies with more than 5 centres per EC will now also be listed in the appendix (was missing before).
  • The order of centers in the output is now a bit more "logical": the LeadEC's additional centres come first.
  • Each center gets its own decision table with a heading below for charges/conditions etc. (The separate heading for charges/conditions etc was removed.)
  • The numbering of the headings was removed to make it easier to re-use the letter for amendments etc. (N.Jones is preparing some guidelines how to adapt the letter).
  • The heading "composition of the EC" was removed (now in appendix, see below).
  • Appendix:
    • The default structure for all ECs is now: 1. legal texts, 2. documents, 3. composition of the EC
    • The font size of the legal texts was set so that everything fits on one page. Please check if it's still good enough for you.
    • The EC-composition part is in the output if either there's not yet an entry in EC Data for 1st decision, or if the value there is not 'presidential'.
    • Most ECs will paste the member table by hand in part 3 of the appendix.
    • some ECs have additional default appendices. These can be integrated into the template if you want (where ut's not already done). Please contact swissethis or M.Tüller directly.
  • Some wishes for special fonts and font sizes were already implemented. If you miss anything -->contact us.
  • Some ECs have special texts that are always in the decision letter, these can be added per EC (where it was not already done). Please contact us.
  • The geading "Unterschriften" was removed for those ECs who don't want it.

Since all this was a rather complicated endeavour, there might be bugs or errors. Just report them, please.

Submission date for documents

The documents tables in the Tab "Docs" in both submission forms now show the submission date instead of the upload date. If you sort the list by this column, the document list is sorted and grouped by submission (every new/changed document of a submission carries the same submission date).

That's all. Thanks for reading!