swissethics Newsletter Nr 2017/5

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1. New templates, new Versions
IT tips and tricks


Webpage swissethics:

1. Templates, new Versions:

There is a new version (v3.0, 30.05.2017) of the template for writing a protocol for clinical trials. References and links to the amended ICH E6(R2) and revised ClinO have been updated, along with few other minors corrections and modification (e.g. telephone number of swissethics, added references and links to the legal texts in Italian, etc….).

The main body of the template and the instructions have not been changed.


IT tips and tricks

Tired of reformatting the text after a cut and copy (copy-paste)?

When you cut or copy text and then paste it into your document, sometime you need the text to look the way it did originally, sometime you want it to look like the surrounding text in the new document.  In World, you can choose either of these options each time that you paste text.

To do so, do not use Ctrl+V to paste the text, but instead right click and select the highlighted icon (s. picture) corresponding to the option you need:

1 = Keep source formatting
2 = Match destination formatting (keep some of the formatting, e.g. italics, bold,…)
3 = Keep text only (remove all formatting from the source document)

It works best within Microsoft Office programs and between documents in OCR - PDF and Microsoft Office (it doesn’t with scanned PDF). Thus, do not upload scanned PDFs in BASEC, because your colleagues won’t be able to make the best use of these options.


That's it!